Release the passion
along with riding

Airwheel- Leg control.Through the leg control lever to complete the operation, people using only legs, ride freely.

Don’t bother hands
using legs to control is also flexible.

Silicone material for the leg control with handy operation makes you feel soft and confortable. Only using legs to control Airwheel, you can experience the wonderful riding.Hands-free riding is more enjoyable and convenient. Then you can relax your figure as you wish.


Enjoy leisure with its easy operation

Experience another riding with removable handlebar, offering you more choices.Release not only hands, but also a sort of feeling for doing more things. Let’s wave hands to nature.

4-inch display screen

HD 4-inch display screen makes data visible. Knowing all information including speed, temperature, power level, mileage, you can make a reasonable agenda for travel to guarantee the safety.

Speed | Power level | Temperature | Mileage

Annular electric scooter

The gorgeous colors come with coolness.

Aesthetic and graceful posture shows diverse colors to experience flexibility.Only for setting hands free.

Simple style to highlight elegant figures

Considerate design stemming from wisdom without complexity extends the experience. Add infinite imagination and experience to your riding as you wish.

Simple operation drives to go forward steadily

Legs replace hands; move forward through postures as well as keep safe

 airwheel s3 scooter
  • airwheel

    Dual backup system

    Dual battery protection board ensure battery works well to avoid damaging battery
  • Intelligent system

    It’s invisible, yet very powerful to respond to your call at any time, and make operation smooth.
  • Magnetic levitation motor

    Magnetic levitation motor utilizing magnetic levitation to eliminate bearings offers more power with less friction by eliminating bearings.
  • Gyroscope technology

    Aerospace attitude control principle, fuzzy algorithm, gyroscope system
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